JJ is definitely "cute stuff!"

The husky twins, Keeno and Deuce having some hard play time.

Josie and Dan having a great time playing!

Getting a big grin from Bear

Cammo looking into the ball...

Isaac enjoying some couch toy time.

Topher playing with toys in the living room.

Twister actually calming down on the couch!

Zoey saying "You woke for a picture?"

Handsome Ralphie targeting a squirrel in the distance.

One of our elder guests, Suzi enjoying her walk in the play yard.

Teddy having some fun in the living room.

Shy little Keri watching the others play.

Lexi loving her squeaky toy time on the couch.

Ever happy Pepper enjoying the big bed and her toys.

Gracie asking permission to jump up on the couch. Who could refuse those golden eyes?

JJ taking a break from the play to watch the others for a moment.

Keeno running out in our play yard.

Desi enjoying some sun time in the play yard.

Deuce doing his best to destroy his toy in record time!

Dottie enjoying her tv time in the living with Uncle Dan.

Audrey loved her walks out on the 4 acres

Bella enjoying playtime in the living room.

Boone having fun outside in the play yard.
Annie walking in the 4 acres

Bear cooling off after a game of fetch

Buddy_Spirit trying to dance.

Cammo playing some ball.

Chief enjoying some couch time.

Chief_Lady playing hard in our side play yard.

Curly watching others play.

Dappy begging to come on the couch.

Harley wakened up from her afternoon nap.

Isaac waiting for Uncle Dan to throw his ball.

Isaac putting on his best pose.

Harley with Aunt Barb playing tug.

Josie playing with Uncle Dan.

Jose enjoying some quiet time in the living room with Uncle Dan.

Josie getting a scratch from Aunt Barb.

Lola enjoying her run out on the 4 acres.

Lola and Spirit playing on the couch in the living room.

Kiki and Trixie still shy but enjoying being out of their room.

Lady cooling off in the living room after her play in the yard.

Olive with Aunt Barb and others enjoying some lap and play time.

Olive being held by Uncle Dan.

Remi in the living room.

Remi running after another dog in the play yard.

Sasha putting on her best begging pose.

Sasha trying to steal the toy from Spirit.

Satchel enjoying his time on the pillow bed in the living room.

Satchel striking a nice pose.

Satchel getting a car ride with Uncle Dan.

Scout playing tug.

Scout and Spirit chasing each other.

Spirit enjoying a stuffed toy on the couch.

Spirit watching the play.

Spirit and Buddy playing in the living room.

JJ enjoying her walk out in the 4 acres with our Pip

Willow waiting for the ball toss.

Yappy playing with a toy on the couch in the living room.
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